“Great at Motivating the Kids.”

My kids started piano only last fall at ages 13 and 10. We met several teachers, but we liked Sharon right away and decided to set up regular lessons with her at the first meeting. We are very fortunate that she was able to create availability for us!

Sharon put the kids on the right path for their individual experience level, and they are learning theory and enjoying playing the piano. They go to the piano on their own to practice their pieces (albeit sometimes they don't practice long enough or carefully enough), and they have made good progress. 

Sharon is really great at encouraging and motivating the kids to put in the effort so they will get more out of it, and it is definitely working. I can see them spending time at the piano working things out, helping each other with reminders. They are within the same grade level, and so hearing each other playing the same songs is kind of a plus right now. They also encourage each other at home more now, and listen to each other play. I see them developing more of an affection for the piano, as well as more self-discipline, which is wonderful.

Sharon is exemplary in her professionalism and teaching ability, with a very calming and caring nature. She is a great role model for the kids. We hope to keep Sharon as the kids' piano instructor for many, many years to come.

— G.L. May. 8, 2018

“Knowledgeable and Patient.”

Sharon is very knowledgeable about piano and patient to teach my 8yr old daughter about many aspects of piano playing, including basic skills, theory, as well as practicing methods. My daughter is very comfortable with learning from Sharon, and looks forward to her class every week. Both her interest and skills have improved after learning from Sharon.

— K.Z. 2017


“Exceptionally Effective!”

We took a trial lesson for our children who are older beginners at piano. We were very pleased with the trial and have set lessons to begin soon. Sharon has been very responsive thus far, and she seems exceptionally effective at incorporating critical piano techniques, checking to ensure what the kids were familiar with already from school exposure at the trial. She is bright and engaging, straightforward, and very warm.

— T.L. Aug. 2017


“Great Musician!”

I have worked with Sharon as a colleague in many different settings. Her personality is always kind, her musicianship profound, and her dedication to the arts undying. Students of any level would no doubt benefit from her experience.

— S.G. Jan. 26, 2016


Sharon has been preparing well structured lessons for my daughter and also very inspiring!

— A.C. Jan. 5, 2018


“Good at Teaching Youngsters.”

Sharon is a very kind and great instructor. She is very good at teaching young kid, my daughter loves to take lessons with her!

— Jian 2016

“Thoughtful and Conscientious.”

A well-prepared and professional teacher, who obviously cares for all of her students personally. Would recommend for both beginners and more advanced pianists. 

— A.B. 2016


“Really Glad We Met Her.”

My son started taking lessons with Ms. Sharon about four months ago. I was searching for a piano teacher with classical background because I know that classical background is very important in basics of piano. I was looking for a serious teacher who was able to keep my son focused and learn well because I want piano to be a big part of my son. Sharon not only can keep my son, who is only 7, focused for 60 minutes, but he is truly enjoying his time with her. He loves taking lessons with her, enjoys practicing at home, and eager to go back to the lesson every week. I thought, at first, 60 minute lesson may be too long for 7 year old boy. However, Sharon keeps him interested, and he is learning basics of piano very well. I searched for a good piano teacher for almost a year, and I am very glad that we met Ms. Sharon. 

— Yuna 2016


“Talented Piano Teacher!”

Sharon is a talented piano teacher, who is currently pursuing her doctorate in Piano and recently moved to the South Bay. She focuses her teaching both on theory and practice. 

After more than five years with the previous teacher, we were seeking to find a teacher that could take our daughters' skills to the next level. We're glad that we found her. She sets a high standard and inspires my daughters to improve their skills as well as practice hard. 

— C.P. 2017

Highly Recommend Her!”

Sharon is wonderful piano teacher and she's a lot of fun to work with. She was quickly able to pick up from my skill level and help me advance my skills. She incorporates different exercises, can break up complex music into easily digestible pieces, and encourages me to do my best. She's very good at pushing me forward at the right pace without making it feel like it's overwhelming. Sharon has a lot of passion for music and teaching. I highly recommend her.

— L.K. 2017

“A Wonderful Teacher!”

Sharon has been a wonderful teacher!

Now 22 years young, I had been previously exposed to piano way back once-upon-a-childhood, but as time went by I forgot nearly all of it. When I realized it was a skill I wanted back, I found Sharon on Thumbtack and so far it's been both challenging and exciting to get back onto the keys.

Sharon's great with finding kinks in technique and offering simple ways to improve and learn. It's only been a few weeks and I already feel like a much more proficient musician. Young or old, if you want to go from tapping keys to filling a room with music, Sharon can definitely make your journey both fun and rewarding.

— B.D. 2017



My daughter is 8 years old, and has been learning piano from Sharon for almost a year. Sharon is very kind and patient with kids. Her professional teaching skill is also very impressive. I would highly recommend her to anyone interested learning piano.

— R.C. Jun 21, 2015

“A Kind and Encouraging Manner.”

My 8 year old is so happy to be taking lessons from Sharon Wu! Ms. Wu is a true professional: in addition to her top qualifications, she has high expectations for her students and a genuine interest in their learning. She also has a kind and encouraging manner. Highly recommended!!

— C.W. 2017

“Patient and Rigourous!

Sharon is very patient and at the same time rigorous about getting every single detail right. She has been very helpful in revising different concepts when I first learnt playing piano many years ago, as well as teaching various piano techniques that I didn't realize was important for the long term, especially guiding me how to fix my hand posture. Thanks Sharon!"

— KN 2017