Blood, Sweat, Tears

Dr. Sharon, a native of Taiwan. She has performed in the United States, Prague and Taiwan. Sharon received several degrees and scholarships, and earned her DMA (Doctor of Musical Arts) degree in Piano in 2017.

Experience and Skills

10+ years experience of teaching piano, music theory and ear- training. Dr. Sharon observes students and personalized her lessons with different teaching approaches. She is the co-chair of Rabinowitch Piano Competition and an active member of MTAC.



As a professional trained pianist, Sharon is equipped with the knowledge of Piano Pedagogy, Piano Technique. She believes the relationship of teacher and student is the key to determine how much joy and improvement student will receive. 


Student Achievements

Caroline C.-- 2nd Prize, USNS Piano Competition
Caroline C.-- 3rd Prize, USIMC competition
Kelly Z.-- 3rd, USNS Piano Competition
Sachi P.-- Certificate of Merit Level 7, State Honor
Kalyn O.-- Certificate of Merit Level 7, State Honor
Maansi P.-- Certificate of Merit Level 6, State Honor
Emma H.-- Certificate of Merit Level 2, State Honor
Kelly Z.-- Certificate of Merit Level 5, State Honor
Maansi P.--Lynbrook High School Orchestra, Pianist
Rupayan B.-- ABRSM Grade 8 (Highest level)


Sharon Wu | Piano Studio

(785) 979-1032
Mountain View, CA