What to Expect in Your Trial:

  • The trial is your interview. The parent who is in charged of tracking the student’s learning progress must participates in the interview.

  • Talk and know each other a bit! I believe understanding what each other needs is essential to students’ learning.

  • Have a brief lesson:
    The student will prepare 2 pieces in advance and play in the trial for evaluation, and we’ll work on the pieces. Evaluate sight-reading, theory and skills if applicable.

  • Ask and answer question from parents, students and the teacher. (Dr. Wu’s Teaching Philosophy. Dr. Wu’s Bio)

  • Go over Studio Policies and Tuition.

Trial Lesson Fee and Length:
Approximately 30 mins/each and is $30 for one student, $45 for two (not regular lesson fee).

Student *
ex. Faber 2A; Mozart Sonata K.545; N/A
Day Preference
Available Time Periods on Weekdays