Experience and Skills. 

  • 10+ years experience in teaching.

  • Co-chair of Rabinowitch Piano Competition

  • Music theory and necessary foundations are included in the lessons.

  • Preparation for CM, ABRSM and other music exams.

  • Piano teacher at New Mozart School of Music, CA

  • Piano teacher and accompanist at Port Jefferson Music Academy, NY

  • Pianist and advisor at Long Island Elim Baptist Church Choir

  • Pianist in Smithtown United Methodist Church

  • Piano teacher in Childhood Music School, Taiwan


Frequent Question From Parents:
We are just learning for fun, is it necessary to have a professional trained pianist as a teacher?

It's a very good question! Let me ask you something: If a 16-year old says he/she is just driving for fun, so getting a driving license is not necessary. Does it sound right? Of course not!

Am I saying that learning piano is dangerous? Well, it's never fatal. However, having a healthy playing position is very important, especially for young beginners, since their small muscles and bone are still fragile. There are things that have to be done correctly at the beginning of learning: Correct hand position and sitting positionKnowing how to use strength from their entire upper bodyPositive practice attitude and efficient practice methods. 

As a professional trained pianist, I know how frequent the old bad hobbit affects one's practicing in future, and it's extremely hard to be fixed. That's why in the Graduate School Programs, our professors emphasize the importance of correct playing position by giving us lectures like Piano Pedagogy, Piano Technique and Piano Literature. Now, we know how to pass on the healthy, pleasant piano playing to the next generation!       - Sharon W.





“Sharon Hsuan-Yu Wu is nice and responsible, I enjoy the experience from her lectures! She is always prepared before classes and I recommend strongly!”

— Bihua Y.

Good at Teaching Youngsters!

“Sharon is a very kind and great instructor. She is very good at teaching young kids, my daughter loves to take lessons with her”

— Jian

Kind and Encouraging.

“My 8 year old is so happy to be taking lessons from Sharon Wu! Ms. Wu is a true professional: in addition to her top qualifications, she has.....”

— C.W.


Read My Teaching Philosophy.

"When love and skill work together, expect a masterpiece." - John Ruskin